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katouu_ffxi [userpic]

I'm back :3

June 24th, 2007 (10:36 pm)

current mood: cheerful
current song: Endlessly - MUSE

Meh, slacked off big time. Was pretty upset last time I updated and I needed time to fix some issues online and irl. Specially all caught up with my new job at Wendy's I almost lost all my playtime. Was done with the job and moved down to Florida and everything's going off really smooth up to now. A lot has happened in FFXI so I guess I'll explain shortly here. Don't really wanna jump into details with everyone so if you need anything else, just contact me or something :).

So where to begin...

Shortly after my last post, I found an update, was no big deal but we had new gear and craft recipes going on.... shortly I became the first Mohbwa scarf in the server, but not only the first one, but I HQd it... decided not to sell it, then the markets got overloaded so I sent mine off... made a bit of gil but materials were scarce so I couldn't do much afterwards... everything seemed to be getting shape in game... I was starting to have fun again.

Went visit ol' Al Zahbi and I found myself in between new mobs from level 6 Besieged. Was pretty funny... we lost Astral Candy so quick it wasn't even funny lol. Meh, I didnt put much attention to it anyway, I've always hated besieged D:.

My good friend Trazz called me for a U/O run, she wanted to get sea and all.. and well I had plans with her in doing stuff like Limbus.. so I said hey sure lets do it... was pretty easy since we won 1/1. Shortly after this she got sea on her own, but up to date I've never gotten to do anything with her up there =( bah.

Went with Snickers get some merits on Imps... and found myself with the new Merit Point animation, was pretty gay, no little cool music or anything, screw you S-E.

At this point of time, I started really disliking my LS... there was always this huge drama going on... and people who named themselves friends trying to leave the LS or the game for retarded reasons. I seriously paid much attention to it because that's just the way I am.. but it really got old fast.... I hate to see people go and stuff... =/ But w/e.

Made another one of these babies for Freedom in PhantomBrigade LS... he's been bothering me about it for a while... it's a pity that the first thing he did when I gave it to him was erase the sign, it really hurt, but w/e, them japanese can do crazy stuff at times *sigh*.

Started doing my last wander around the game, to be honest, lots of drama was going on in life and I needed a break... so before I left, mr Steelflece popped on me.. so I called some people quick and well.. even tho I didn't need any help, we took it down with no effort at all... stupid title before my departure I guess lol.

Spying on the AH I was suspecting prices of everything to go down quick... so I made a quick decision... purchase a Kirin's Osode since I was pretty rich at that point in time...

It was pretty expensive I guess, but I really wanted one.... meh.

Nekoarashi... heh, guess she came back for a while... we hung out for a while... things were going smooth but some ridiculous stuff happened.. pretty personal, but lets just say that for my own and other's safety... I took everything from her account and sold it... the money? Gave it off... not like I'd give a living crap about money really. So sold some of my RDM and BLU gear to get these 3 babies later on... right before I quit for a bit.

Then the break came... it was mainly to find my new job, to make and search other sources of money, to settle down some other things on life, like college, new apartment, etc. Everything went really well. Shortly after that, I started missing the game hardcore... short? maybe a month? meh that's alot to me =p. But anyways.. came back... to find myself in a massive clean up of people in the linkshell.. almost everyone was new, and I really felt uncomfortable. I had left them to be in another LS with neko before, but they let me back in... honestly they would never stop bothering me about it... reason 2 was because of the legs they gave me... and reason 3, i really really missed my friends, Trazz, snickers, imoen, and windtalker.... So I gave it a try.

Was really really broke at this point, so I went off to do some Limbus to get me started again, triod it.. came out with 15 coins each, was really nice x).

Shortly after that, we did some KS99 as a LS, which was pretty nice to meet up with other people and build strategies. Came to be the first Behe KS99 I've won. Was a good experience.

People have been complaining why I keep quitting and stuff... well seeing this really makes me frustrated. Lol.

But w/e, I'll keep on playing :D.

Will have to admit, coming back to the game took me a bit, I was feeling super emo, and well that's just the thing I need to take away from myself. Suddenly I was thinking of permanently selling my account... leaving forever, because sometimes that's just the best answer, to run away from problems, to just give up... all sudden, a person started talking to me which I didn't know at all... cheered me up pretty much... and when I checked that person, it left a message I'll never forget.

True words :/

So I found an awesome shout in Jeuno, someone actually selling a Sha'ir Manteel. Somehow I convinced him to trade it off with me for a Kirin's Osode... and I got it... and boy... I've never gotten less than chain 100 in a party ever since.... Will never regret it :D.

I got so happy that I got my party killed :).

Finally completed RDM merits, now it was time to get some more stuff going on.. I still have like 200 merits to go, but w/e. I'll get them. Someday.

Neko came back out of no where... and well, after proven a misunderstanding, I really felt bad about what I've done, so I made my effort to get her all her stuff back, sold some of my HQ staves and the work was done. We went help some noobs around I guess, there was really nothing else to do...

Went trying to farm some money for her... but really no luck.. ever since the update the money making has been crappy.. and everyone's been raiding the pop NM zones... I've really had no chance.

So Neko started doing her own stuff... and well even though I'm not materialist, I suck at losing. And well I wanted a competitive place where I could own stuff and be active so I could escape my stuff irl, which is the whole point of this game for me in the first place. Best friend Arvin and Hobbes bothered me alot to apply to the LS Scrubs, which is composed mostly by old Paradise Oblivion, one of the top LS of all times. So I threw away my chance... and well they asked me to come camp some turtle.... a few days later, I was accepted :).

I got millions of stuff thrown down at me from MythrilHeart... and I can't believe some people put friendship on the line when it comes to changing linkshells.... most of them don't want to talk to me for this reason, it's really stupid.. but if that's their decision, I can't really consider them as true friends, it's just retarded....

Arvin convinced me to start crafting again, he really has worked wonders with me.. and well, let the crafting begin again?


This was wonderful... we were in middle of an extremely good merit party.. when all the sudden one of the members in the LS announces Fafnir is up and running around free... so we got there in an incredible ammount of time and well... :)

So much time since I killed Faf... it was a nice return, enjoyed it pretty much. We were the only ones there for ToD... so the next day would be the same. Lololol. Also.. we took it down in an incredible 10 minutes or so... I really felt the power of a potential LS. I'm proud I'm here.



Went to do some KSNM.... I was the first to go... we really took it all down with no effort... me doing most the job.. BLU kills so fast :3.

Screwed up drops... but w/e.... everyone else got a decent ammount of money :/ *sigh*.

Remember that fafnir I told you about? yep.. again. :D

Crappy drops.. but it went down even faster than the previous day... it was quite a fight :D.

On our way back to Whitegate.. I finally proved why this game is so damn broken...


Next day... Nidhogg popped... I could not believe my eyes. We got it... it was my first Nidhogg ever... and wow... what a beast... but it had nothing on us.. it went down so quick.. I totally loved the experience.


Tarutaru Gavin got our first ebody... grats to him.

There was 15 minutes left on the Behemoth window.. so we all rushed there... we had about 10 people there to claim.. and...


Double king day :D. Went on BLU for cannonballing.. and it was so well worth it... check out some of the screenshots.

About crapped myself when this happened.

Spoils of war....

A-feet from KB? not understandable... so everyone was asking who wanted them.. I said I did... because I really did want them for my RDM or BRD/WHM.... had a high lot... but well...

Aldwin decided to do something at last second and he got them... he would never use them after that.... but I guess there will be more :/... Bleh.

Next day we would go to what would be my first Dynamis-Xarc... we got 5 AF drops.... it was really nice!

Think the thing I love about Scrubs the most is the merit parties.. they're all so good to party with.... but not much for the skill.. but for the fun we always have.. haha

Somehow I decided that I needed to be charmed.... seemed like a bad idea =(...


Got about 40 merits that week.. capped sword.... and other stuff... more to come soon I guess.

Went MNK burn this ENM... crap drops, but really cool way to make money.

Tried the all new Einherjar for some abjurations... didn't go.. quite.. well. Lol..

S-E is real clever you know? They don't only make it a pain to get Kindred Seals... but they use the stupidest names for the toughest mobs... Not only that.... instead of assuring 1 good drop... they give you nothing but crap.... I hate S-E..... -.-

After that.... some weeks passed.... I was in middle of my moving... it was awesome... but they received me back with a melee burn Kirin.. which I found out to be very efficient, fast, and really really fun.

Tried getting some kitty pants for our ninjas... but it was stingy...

Been doing much with Scrubs ever since I joined.... but really have been laying back doing nothing because of school and work... trying to settle down in Florida right now, but it'll all be well, I plan coming back full time to game again in no time, just trying to clear my mind off stuff... but for now I think I'm done til the next time... I really really forgot half the stuff I was supposed to type here.. but w/e, pictures always talk more than words right? :D Hope you enjoyed them all... I'll keep this updated when I can.


katouu_ffxi [userpic]

Moving on...

March 9th, 2007 (06:28 am)

current mood: frustrated
current song: Trading Yesterday - Shattered

A lot has happened this week... and the past.... but tonight doesn't feel the same way anymore... It's hard to sometimes think you're not at the hardest situation of your life... and everybody I know complains about it... sometimes I'm embarrassed at the things I complain about life... because truly, there will always be someone with a worse situation than I am...

Many always complain of being lonely... many of bad relationships... many of everything surrounding their lives... Happiness is always by our side... so is your best friend... because everybody has one... and so is the person you will always love. Your thoughts are just as powerful... they will just push them away... and that's what we tend to call.. "loneliness"....The reason I'm saying this is because nobody seems to understand how big of an influence a friend can be to a person... to the point that they can turn each other's worlds upside down... A friend can be a father... or any person, any race, color, gender, anything.... and a friend... is more than enough of what you need to achieve happiness in life... A friend.. until the end.

It's an amazing sight indeed.. I thought I'd share with everyone who reads this and see how they feel about it...

katouu_ffxi [userpic]

Big update again

March 8th, 2007 (01:28 am)

current mood: accomplished
current song: Thrice - Send me an Angel

Yeah Yeah I know these are getting old already... but hey :/ at least I'm not abandoning it ya? I'm just trying to keep up with everything irl and game at the same time... also trying to get some rest and get everything started to move down to Florida (omg excitement). Anyways back to where we left off...

After that ballista night... I went synth some stuff, and to be honest... there was so little success that I just... returned to ballista.... :D

Started off a 4 v 4 in Pashhow... I decided to bust out some RDM powers... and hey.. it was no bad idea at all... but...

Gained myself my first Golden Chevron.. badass... I've worked for this for so long... and I can finally have it... I guess pvps getting old now.. soon.. just wait for it.

So Yeah.... after ballista I took some napping and woke up to find a morning surprise: "HEY KAT LETS GO TO SKY YES PLZ"... but instead of lolrdm/drk, they let me go as BLU.. and omg I had so much fun :x....

I soloed a pot... but some douche stole my kill !!! Oh well... It'll be good next time =)... btw /thf ftw

So after a water we went to ulli camp, try to get a damn stone for mr. tiger... usual.. 50 gil se... 50 WHAT?!?!!? yep.. IRUKAomgmynameistoolongihavesandinmyvaginaohmygodlookatthetrailileft LS has been camping up ulli good for some stones to sell I guess... it now sucks... the camps are horrible... I just wanna give up sky...

So I went down to finally get some assault stuff done.. and found myself with a spiffy CS.... Involving the Dark Rider... which by popular demand, people tell me to just go ahead and say it's odin? sure why not.

I'd really like it if S-E added more sets of summons.. I know we got some but I want more... FFVII style.. like 24, that would please me a lot... also balance out them damn summons... summoning the same ones get old... I wanna see variety :(.

So After getting the quest for my new kickas rank of Superior Private, I went ahead and /sea all ballista to find out a pleasant surprise..... another one of those HUUUUUUUGE MATCHES.. so I needed to test out my skills again xD... I'm sorry bug I must!

To my amazement... I was MVP of the match.. which totally gave me another gold chevron.. not to forget, in a huge match. It really made me happy :D...

but that's not all.. right after that:

Both zones.. score! after that achievement... I just decided to quit ballista for a big while.. focus more on other stuff... I mean I got lots to do, a fortune to build... and savings for the ladies that come by -.^. lol jk

So I was wandering around San'D oria all sudden this fruitcake in Errant Gear calls me to the chocobo stables, complaining about ImmortalArashi shitting and eating all the food in the place... and proceeding to sleep.... He told me to scold it.. but...

I don't have the heart to do it!! =(

So instead... he asked me to go kill some sheep... and I found this baby in the way

Fairly easy to solo with DoTs.... but also need 0 distraction, took me maybe 3 tries to kill it, 1st was unprepared, 2nd got distracted, 3rd, kill, no drop -_-;

So Madalynn (my ballista arc enemy) tells me shes hella bored.... I told her "hell... let's go farm some spiders for money and unlock my dissector" so we did.... not many webs dropped but... got my dissector unlocked... now I can finally sub /nin happily on both rdm and blu ^^. TY MADA!!

So right as I unlocked it.... God appeared.. it was a wonderful moment! But.. I laughed at him... which caused a very bad thing to happen.. ><!!

WTF RAID... outta the no where the assault monsters start popping everywhere... first was Lamia 15, yeah that annoying mermaid that charms everybody in range... lol.. took her to 90% with mada and she dissapeared.... guess I'd go finish the job at besieged :).

So Bel from WB started attacking me all naked.... I thought it was a rape... so I took her down with Disseverment... sorry Bel ; ;....

So Trazz is like ZOMG KAT IM LONELY COME FARM SPIDERS?! So I went, figured I'd pimp out her THF knife too... and it worked.. it worked just great =D.

I missed sky that night... I had to go work, but hey, I felt bad, so I figured I'd go farm some water solo, ps2 <-> PC boxing my friend's char and mine.. the results were good... but after receiving backup, everything got real faster...

Thanks for everyone that made it possible for me to make up my time in sky while I was gone ^^.


So it was limbus time.... coffers totally screwed us over, as we found no time keepers at all... so yeah, we basically lost pretty badly.. but got away with some rdm item goodness, to finally complete my set of AF1+1 for RDM.... TY KoH

So after that run, we found ourselves wanting some UFO organs... he he he he hEHEHEHHEHEHH...

I personally never knew they were so big... and strong... and... Jesus o_0;;;

Yeah we wiped... due to most people getting charmed and stuff... it was good times though!

So I decided it was finally time to craft those 3 beetle bloods I got from the ksnm for my dissector... I mean... it's been what.. a week or two? I dunno why I decided this moment but... I had a really good feeling something good was going to happen...

So yeah.. I remained in my mog house and went "hell let's give some prism capes a try" But the results weren't the same.... I should have waited.... ><

So yeah... after a few synths, group from the LS tells me they need help getting Azenangel her ksnm for Wheeling Thrust, so sure, I offer to help, but I had forgotten about dynamis... it was the third time in a row that I was going to miss it so I started receiving a major bitchout fest... not from the leaders of Redemeer but from some of the members.. but meh, it'll be all fine I guess... the new schedule from my job doesn't allow me to do dynamis anyway... so not much I can really do anyways..... so we went to Sea Serpent Grotto... where we spent a good 3 or 4 hours getting to the ksnm... but I was so stupid that I just ran in and died... logged for the night -__-.... but here's a pic with my massive lotting skillz.

I guess I care more about my friends than about my own self... sometimes that disables me from getting the gear I want to end up with... but that's the whole reason I play this game... to be with my friends and/or make new ones! And of course, to have fun with them.

So I teleported to Caedarva for some warhorse hoofprint hunting, finally found it with 3 minutes in the zone, it was soooo easy xD. But finally got the title and the rank, now I can finally do easy missions to get my YIgit Gomlek. (sp?)

Friends tend to insist to me a lot in wanting me to make stuff for them at the wrong moon phase... so I try to do it anyway, hell I might score  secret results... but this defineatley was not one of those days... went 6/24 on Jester Capes +1 which is a horrible rate for a tier 2... so please don't ever try this :P.

After this.. I saw how many Damascene Cloths were being sold in the Auction House, so I guess it was time to take over the economy and get some of these... raid the AH and hope for an HQ. Even though I had no luck on HQ, I had a couple of VCs that were just not selling, so yeah, at this point I felt this was the lowest peak of gil I've hit in ages.... it felt bad D:!

But meh.. I got to sell them that same day... and I just went to sleep afterwards in relief.

So I've been in about 3 linkshells.... we've always wiped to gods... or fight for pops... or are too afraid to fight anything, it really sucks when you know that your linkshell has the skill to do so many things but nobody does it from lack of Faith, Hope and of course, for greed that they do not want to see others with gear they would desire to have... in the cases of people that don't dedicate time to the linkshell as much as others. It doesn't bother me because I'm used to this problem..... but finally, after a year of waiting for this monster... I get to fight again.... say hello to...


It was a fierce battle... to be honest, I had faith we would surpass the gods... which we clearly did... but what about kirin? would he have the skill to set up MBs and SCs for a long time as desired?

Seiryu obviously had nothing on me... My Para II > His ass

It was an epic, fierce battle, which contained wipes and recoveries, kamikazes, and even chow mein. It lasted 3 hours before anyone would have the bright idea (me and a few more) to go switch some jobs to take this beast down faster... so I said... "screw mages and your refresh.. I'm coming BLU". Some people yelled at me simply because they disliked how MIkes was doing damage, well Mikes was doing the correct job, except.... for the fact that he came /nin to sky.. it really hurt to see him do maybe 50-60 dmg per spell if lucky... so I came up... and oh Jesus Christ....

Obviously, every time you do something like this you will steal hate.. which caused me to kite like a mofo for a long time... but it was fun! I could nuke from a long ass range and still hit as hard as I did... I was so happy with my dmg xD... 500-800 dmg every 45 seconds was like sex on a spell! It would never get resisted either.. recast was also quick (for a couple of 200 dmg hits).

Here's me getting stoned... :D

SO after about 30 minutes, we saw an amazing improvement... Kirin was about to get served!

Perhaps the longest of all 1%s in the history of the game.... we spent like 15 minutes just taking this 1% out.. it kept regening so much..... I mean I did 4 cannonballs, had Diabolos attack it with Blood Pact 4 times, had SAMs do SCs.. all in a row.. and it wouldn't die... so we busted out some BLM power.. and done!

The smell of victory aroused me incredibly, LS has never wiped to a god, and now kirin 1/1, I'm so proud of them I can't even express it with words... The drops weren't that great... except... wait.. are those some W. LEGS?!??!!?!

That quote... will be remembered my entire lifetime.... It's been 3 years of sky... that I've had to pass for those legs in 498375938478593 LSs.... I've never been able to even look at these, it sucks to think about it... but... hey... my dream has finally come true.. thank you so much MythrilHearts, Imoen, Windtalker, Darkard, and everyone else for making this one of the happiest days in my ffxi days. I am now your whore forever!

I rushed to Sandy with my Cuisses -1 to go get some sexy pants of love..... Windtalker beat me to it but.. how o_0... oh well, anyways, I did... and omg I've been running like forest gump ever since... I just can't stop.... xD

Sooo sexy... *touch self* >< Seriously guys.. what else could I ever ask for ;;...

Anyways I had some unused merits.. so I went to trade them in!

Blue magic potency capped... and to be honest, the change in damage has been quite noticeable... I totally love my BLU now... more than any other time in life :3.

I was really happy the day after, so I looked at Windtalker's gear just out of the random, also noticed my lucky moon was up, so I offered her to give me material price for 12 synths of Arhat's Gi and I'd try to +1 her NQ, with a sign on it... so let the synths begin.

This made me really happy... I always wanted to see someone with one of these on them xD... but hey... I wasn't done yet.

Another one... 2/11, not too bad for so many subs on it and stuff... I really wanted this one to be my friend's Nekoarashi.. but seems like she don't want it anymore.. so I'll keep it for now until I decide what to do with it...

So I just ran at the middle of whitegate... and started shouting for people who wanted a free signed Katouu Arhat's Gi... oh my god the spam was incredible, but it was so funny and fun.. I had a crew around me, I gave up 9 gis... so if you see them around, you'll know why xD...

Back to limbus.. we had an insanely huge crew that day... don't understand why we became so big.. but we tries Apollyon NE to finally get the chip. I hear we'd be doing U/O soon so I'm really excited about it. We got the people now, even though I'd really love to do it with M<3 instead.... We went thru some mobs I've never seen before, kinda cool xD...

So after soloing some stuff.. had more merits to throw away.... I hit merit 103, which is not a whole lot, but it helps I guess...

Yay... 7 to go in that category!! =)

As soon as I went out of my mog house, I started looking at shouts for SP rank assaults, Periqia (which I totally super need).. the name of the mission was kind  of.. curious I guess.. "Saving Private Ryaaf" WOW S-E nice originality -_-;; lol.. anyways did it twice, very fun and easy missions with 3 people, I come closer to my YIgit everyday.. hoping for the best guys!

Time to check my chocobo.. day 19... finally get to see what color it's gonna...


So missile was being a fagbag so I went to help him with Ungur.. it was up and all and he needed some brd loving.. - -

Never realized how easy it was... it took no skill at all... but meh, another boomer for another noob!


S-E finally decided to listen to the players, the new dev team is breath taking... they fixed so much stuff all at once in the game... it's gonna  have a huge impact in economy, considering gil sellers are now partially out of business.. Ulli is now a pop item, so are many other NMs... many of the drops are r/x now... with a chance of the originals from dropping, but a lot of the items are now moved to ksnms and bcnms. Nyzul Isle now has Adamantoise, Behemoth, and Fafnir so you can 6 man them, it's amazing what they did with drop rates, specially after making Sozu a 100% drop pop NM... S-E... hands down, you just won the e-peen award of the year.

So M<3 decided to test out some Ulli.. and we were so happy we couldn't believe it... let's pimp out the new update already!

Haidate and Osodes for everyone =), this will be awesome indeed... Now we can do ulli everyday with no worries.. God right now I love S-E... hope they never dissapoint me again!

Btw.. lolblm

RDM>BLM at nukes.. where is your god now?

To close down tonight... Let's pimp some new casino S-E style.. the game's pretty much luck based... it's like black jack, and you can make a lot of money out of it... I personally liked it, it might get popular soon, we'll see!

Well I think that's about it... I promise I'll be updating more often.. I just need some time xD.... to adapt to my new job and everything
I'm not gonna lie, it's been a really tough job working at that place, but you learn bits and bits everyday, and I just love learning, I really like it to be honest. Other than that... a lot of drama has been going on, and I just couldn't help but get involved... like I said, wherever my friends are, I'm there, and that's how I roll.

Anyways who's all going to see 300 This weekend!??!?!?!?

:P See you all later.


katouu_ffxi [userpic]


February 27th, 2007 (02:28 am)

current mood: tired
current song: X Japan - Endless Rain

Soooo yeah, haven't posted in a while, been busy, you know, spending my last weeks of freedom from the game since I'm going back to full time work from Monday on. It'll be hell but I know I'll survive... *sigh* my 18 hours a day playtimes are over... but I wont quit =p. Anyways it's been what... a good 4-6 days? They have been great... sometimes upsetting, sometimes full of adrenaline and fun... This is gonna be one huge post though so I hope you enjoy it as much as I am posting it :D.

So I've always wanted to raise my own chocobo... I think it was time for me to get off my butt and do something about it, I did the quest a week ago and finally got the egg... but man.. I never imagined having my own personal tamagotchi once again would be so annoying - -.......... but it's all good.... I mean..... can you handle the CUTENESS!????????!!!!

Because I certainly can't!!!!!

After a while I decided to name it Immortal Arashi. One of my best friends and former? player of the game, named Nekoarashi recently came up to me saying she wanted to quit.. I've been trying to encourage her a lot to come back to the game but nothing seems to be working correctly... She has her own business dealing with rl and everything so I'm gonna leave it there... can't do much about it even though I wish my best to do so. Well she's gone through much crap so I named my chobi after her... Immortal (from... well wtf do you think this is from) and Arashi, meaning Storm in Japanese, which is also the second part of her name. That way even if she's gone I'll remember her ^^. Hopefully my chocobo turns out to be blue and strong.. and really fast.... :3 We'll see.

So I started to hang out more with my very good friend Artemismu, kinda been leaving her out since her playtimes go so early in the morning when I'm dead tired.... We went for some ninja spell hunting and to get this sob who is overcamped -_-.... luckily there wasn't many people when we went... but thanks to me being a noob around we couldn't get.... these group of people took it down quick enough for me to not even run up in front of it and take an SS.... I had never seen this NM before o_0....

Back to town I started looking at the everyday annoying, (but sometimes really helpful), White Gate shouts!!! And well... along the way I found this:

Lei, the most stoked Paladin in the whole server, quit the game supposedly, to take care of RL, or so the people from WyrmBrigade tell me. I'm pretty sure they have absolutely no clue whatsoever of what happened but who knows right? He had easily 10,000 dollars USD worth of account in that character, I feel safe to declare he controlled 0.1% of the servers economy, it was a loss... but less botters is always win in this game.

Now I have to talk some about PlayOnline and the Monthly account banning:

1) A bunch of retards behind cubicles banning people for doing nothing is never going to stop the game from being a piece of crap at most times.

2) When people say "Hey I got banned because of windower" I never believe them.... people, watch your plugins, that's the whole secret to it.... windower can't be detected but you bet your ass plugins can.... reason why I stopped using windower and started just using my second monitor and screencapping with fraps, saves me the trouble and risk.

3) 50 billion gil off the game.... hello 600k Scorpion Harnesses... it's not gonna be fun at the end if everything keeps going down in price... how are we going to pay Limbus? Dynamis? What's your plan??? Give us answers... And Sage, fuck off if you're just going to keep saying "I don't know" Man, seriously.

Note to self and to everyone reading this post:
Sell your expensive stuff that you don't use much NAO, in 3 months, it'll be worth half the price... tell you from experience...

So I was mad we didn't get the NM..... so it was time to blow up some steam, how? you know how.... beating people the hell up... (or pissing them off, GOD I love bard), BALLISTA!!! Dun dun dun duuuuuuuun dun dun (wtf?).

The matches were so not worth it.... got my ass so handed to me both times.... but hey... I survived most of the rounds so I was ok I guess.... I never blew off my steam so I really remained pissed the rest of the night.. or morning, whatever it was.

It was also Arte's first time ever going ballista, which she decided to do against me!! >.> Blaming me that I was late or something like that... she kept bothering me in middle of the match asking me what to do xD.... and I just couldn't believe my eyes....

Me: WTF?
Arte: I'm running to Oztroja again! BYE!
Me: You're... first... how?
Arte: 1st? what do you mean?
Me: You're the MVP...
Arte: ... LOL

But HEY I GOT THE BEST TITLE!! American Idol has nothing on me.

Next day I went with MythrilHearts to go for some God Pops.... Meh It was alright, we only got 1 NM but hey... I did all the magic... soloed the pull, and basically duo'd the kill, <3 DOTs, it was nicely done and we won with no danger.

Meh... I like soloing again on RDM more and more each day, but I doubt it will ever be as good as those /nin solo days when I first got lv 75 RDM... I basically went solo everything I could, and perhaps I wasn't as good as the almighty Avesta, but did some crap like Cassie, Roc, Serket, etc on my own, it was pure fun... but S-E added rage and the whole thing just became poop... It really sucks - -;;;;

So I decided while I had the money I should give it a try and level my bonecraft to 55 and make myself a Yagudo Hat... I wanna be a bird... I wanna fly... xD.... so first of all I decided to go turn in my items for GP and got a pleasant surprise... Rasetsu Jinpachi, 20k gil for a wooping 7.2k GP... so I decided "hey let me tell a friend to send me some materials so I can make it.... BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM

UUuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh......... Anothe Tier 0 WASTED... I mean CMON that thing has crappy stats and it'll never sell... only 4 have ever sold in the auction house.. and last sale was 2 years ago.. can we say "It'll never sell?" So I thought of a reasonable price since economy has dropped so much... 40k to make... HQ tier 0 should be around 10 times that quantity... 400k? nah... 500k? no.. people will guess the price and buy it... 600k? OK sounds good :D!!! So I put it up... a few hours later....

Woot!??!?!?!?!?! :D

That really cheered me up.. since gil has been going left and right lately...

So it was friday night.... I just came from my second interview at wendy's they decided to finally hire me and starting at a good ammount of bucks per hour due to my experience, GREATNESS! Meaning I got late for Limbus... and even thought I was EXACTLY 3 minutes away from them, they decided to jackass it and leave without me. I was really upset.... specially since they got 8 coins per person >_<, it would have been a great amount of coins to add to my stack. And like always... I went to blow off some at Ballista, again.

And can we say... HUUUUUUUUUUGE



Even thought I lost both rounds... it wasn't by far. Ballista matches with 435734957 people are extremely fun... it's total mayhem. I really wish more of my friends joined me.. but most get killed quick or say "I suck at pvp" without even trying a couple of times until they actually get the hang of it... So since ballista was pretty early I decided to just go nap right after it, I was really tired... and I had to head to sky next day for some pops.


Y halo thar Mr. Faust

After so much stupidness last Faust we decided to visit our old friend and gank his stone just for us to pop the big red bird Suzaku! It went well, we took it down quickly... then we spent numerous hours at Ullikumi but it never decided to pop... heard gilsellers came right after and just killed him within 15 minutes of waiting. >.> Screw them all...

So really... I've been tired of seeing people complain about being broke... here's what I always run thru...:

Person 1: I'm so fucking broke
Me: ....
Person 1: No I'm really broke man....
12 mins later
Person 1: I'm sooooooo broke
16 mins later
Person 1: I wish I could make money somehow
Me: OK you need to shut the fuck up.
Person 1: Why? You're rich so you don't feel the pain.
Me: Sure, I spent millions to get to where I am and I still reside my stupid moghouse with a couple of gil...
Person 1: Yeah but you make money so quick
Me: You can too...
Person 1: How?
Me: ....
14 mins later
Person 1: ME ME ME ME
Me: Go farm, go bcnm, go camp NMs
Person 1: That's too much work

There is your whole problem... get off your ass and DO SOMETHING, STOP COMPLAINING, really.

Of course I'm not an asshat most of the times... so the other day I encountered a good person and offered my assistance. She/He whatever it is asked me if I could make him/her/it a VC so I said sure! I was replied with a "I still need to farm something to make 1m for the other 2 Cloths", so I decided to pull out my Synthing Skills.... and checked the day of the week... it was the same day that resulted last week as an HQ land.... so I tried it again.... the results... were.. NUTS.

And then I noticed my day wasn't over.. so I'm like hell let's do something else... just lol

Fact: This day I found is insanely good and happens once a week... 3 times and same results... *writes it down*

Me: -_- k

Dynamis... lol... Jeuno.. lmao.... -_-; Well... it all started when our awesome taru rdm went in just as the glass was given to him... without having the graphics load he ran to the first set of stairs...

12 people die
Me: ........ already wipe and im not even inside the zone?
RDM: I saw the statue... but then mobs came outta no where
Me: -_-;;;;;;;; Statues pop mobs
RDM: o.o oh

So yeah.. wiped 3 times at the beginning... then Benja came and led us through everything so awesomely.... Not saying that I dislike my dynamis shell but I don't like the fact that a LS can't work right without their leader >_<..

Other than that.... and crappy AF drops (2 WAR and.... nothing else), which clearly states our TH4 sucks or is broken, etc, I got this:

I decided I should upgrade it... hopefully MythrilHearts begins dynamis and they let me sponsor all their runs, I really want a Gjallarhorn before I ever quit this game (which will probably be when they decide to take the servers down), and I dislike how many people trash me in /tells telling me I'm a selfish bastard because I don't think of their Apocalypses or Annihilators... Hey screw you... the reason I'm not choosing MANDAU or EXCALIBUR is because I want Gjallarhorn to make the LS as potent as possible... Wtf can a BRD do with a horn on his own? Nothing... -_-; We'll see how long it takes...

So after dynamis, MythrilHearts was free... and my dear friend Amaliel called me up for a KSNM Double Dragonian run, which I have been waiting oh so long to complete, since I was currently 0/30 on Dissector. I grabbed some people from MythrilHearts and headed to the BC, I didn't know much about the event so this surprised my eyes... sakuraaaaaaaaaaaaa <33333333333333333

So once at the BC.... we random for whoever wanted to go first..... -____________- things weren't pretty... can we say hax?

And I was amazed since this is the first time I get to test out this awesome DAT.... Imoen said I had her naked... well she's wrong... I love this DAT though... :D

To be honest... the bcnm was a joke... we won 5/5 with no problems at all.... Drops were the worst thing ever but... hey we tried!!

4/5 runs gone and no Dissector..... my luck stroke me once again, i thought.... then my orb was the last one.... I prayed and prayed.... And Trazzalene decided to do her happy dance, which with my camera skills, made me enjoy every moment of it....

So after the awesome dance... I tried to put the orb in... but it wouldn't take it! I mean cmon... I want to go and beat the shit out of dragons.. let me in....15 mins later...

I swear it's not what you think >.>!!!

But yeah.... we killed the NMs.... using a couple of 2hrs to rip thru it...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooo finally got it >_______________< after 35 runs I finally got my sword.... now unlocking it will be pain... since today it's already day 3 and I'm still 167/500.... we'll see how it goes. I bought beetle bloods of most people to test my luck at blue capes, hopefully I get an HQ, I'm needing the gil really bad lately.

After we got the sword, everyone decided to jump in the Hot Springs because supposedly I'm a stinky elvaan.... So we stripped out our clothes and jumped in!! xD

After a long night... I had promised Trazz I would get her ninja to lv 75, 20k xp away, so I took her to a party, an awesome party I must say! It didn't last really long but it worked...

My friend, as I stated above, Nekoarashi, had decided to quit, but she might have considered taking a break instead since I insisted on it, but I never had a reply so I don't know.... but she told me to take her account, and I replied to her I would only take care of it and wait til she got back. So I did... I borrowed her Osode just for pure sexyness and went merit... I really wish she doesn't think I stole or anything if all suddenly she comes back.. in fact, after the party, I returned it to her character.... But then in my mog house...

97 merits... 3 away from the million xp :D, it's a goal really, but the fact is I need 100 more.... but almost half way done with BLU merits... so at least I'm getting something done.

MP: 8/8
Attributes: 0/5 (Want 2 STR 2 MND 1 CHR): 19
Combat: 2/12 (Sword) (Want Sword lv 8, Dagger lv 4): 27
Magic: Enfeebling 8/8
Others: Crit 1/4 (Want 3 crits and 4 spell interruption rate for soloing): 19
Red Mage: Convert 3 Ice Acc 3 Earth Acc 2 Thunder Acc 2, Paralyze II 2, Slow II 1, Phalanx II 1 (Want Para lv 3, Slow lv 2): 9
Bard: Minuet 1 (lol) ( Want Minuet 5, Madrigal 5, Troubadour 3, Nightingale 3) : 54
Blue Mage: Physical Potency lv 4 (Want lv 5, and lv 5 Magical Acc) : 20

Total Merits: 97, To go: 148 -_-

Long Road ahead... but I'll get there sometime I guess...

Anyways.... later that morning, it was conquest morning... so I went to get meh new pants!!!!! woot!!!

Now officially I'm free to sell my Sheikh Seraweels, I know they will never sell but to hope for some gil would never hurt.

After this I went to nap again.... got invited to merit but I've seriously spent so much time in the game that I think I need a break soon... but like I said, I'm up to enjoy my last week of freedom before I switch to a couple of hour a day of play and a lot of sleep ><...

4 hours later I woke up, made my way to sky, it was God Sunday... and I'm proud we started right away... took on all 4!





After all the adrenaline rushing in our bodies, guess I got all the kitties excited and they were up for a little play >.>....

God run was amazing, Congrats to Noyayuker on Byakko's Haidate who everyone wants a piece of, and to everyone else on whatever drops they got.

It's sad to say but after a few sky runs I've felt there is a lot of preference over certain people in the LS than me.... it's not something I make up or imagine... I know this because I have felt it myself before since I was myself leader of a shell. I had to get over it, and I did, but I feel it in this LS... how -those- people are always being complimented and always cheered on.... but nothing on me unless I whine about it o_0... I joined the LS cause most people from UR moved there... but... it's not the same... I don't get treated the same... And it feels like the leader and I don't know each other very well so we conflict a lot... since I have that trait of leadership within me all the time... I don't really know what's up, but if I see any more of this I'm gonna have to point my finger out into the air :/. Because hell, it's not only me, but friends from UR are noticing the same exact thing I discuss with them... I know this shell is new and everything but the core of a shell is decided in the beginning. If there's no good start, it's not gonna end up right.

Anyways... I was broke, and I needed to do something... so I said, "Hey! I'm gonna unlock my Dissector!", so I went with Trazz to Kuftal to fish up some mantas and unlock some weapons at the same time...

I ended fishing up 3 of the mantas, none dropped :/ that really sucked. but got a good set of numbers off my sword... hopefully will finish unlocking it sometime this week if I find a whm to help me hexa stuff up.

Following the fishing, I went down to Windurst to finish up my bonecraft, I figured lv 52 would be enough to try the synth, specially if I use Advanced Image, I would of been fine. So I got my Yagudo Cutting and went to my Mog House for the Headgear synth...

A 300k loss >_<... it hurt a lot... not gonna lie.... what did I learn? Not to rush things.... yep...

So I went... you know were... to blame the loss on someone else....

That match was a short 4 v 4, but I kicked some MAJOR ASS. Even though I quit BLU for ballista, I still did a great job last night. We lost but we wouldn't let the opposite team leave the ground.

In the process of the match, I found someone willing to give me their quest cutting in exchange of 100k reward. I got lucky.. because most people target the wrong quest and never get it done. I got my bone to 55 after ballista... headed to windy and...

Woooooot!! Finally! I am birdman... *peck peck peck* xDD I've been running around town with this mask nonstop.. it just looks so cool!

So I warped back to town and caught up a PFC mission I haven't done, so I rushed...

With only 5 Assault points away from the next rank... I didn't expect these missions to be this humiliating... I mean cmon..... I don't wanna be a freaking fairy miner :(... But hey... we got it done... with a bunch of noobs too!

So after that, I started getting ready for some Limbus SUPER ACTION!! And excuse me.... but I thought this was hilarious... I mean when you're in middle of your mog house.... All calm waiting for something good to happen.. you get a random /tell like this and you just die... at least I did :P

Started Limbus with my usual damage... I was happy with some of the hits I made, and really, a 8 people run on full moon, with almost 100% drops was extreme.

Ended up with 15 minutes left behind.. as for myself, got both BRD and RDM items for AF+1 :), 6 coins per person in the run, it was pleasing enough, now to wait until Friday to go again... I really wish we could do Omega and Ultima for some sexy homam :(.

So after this... we went to The Garden of Ruh Mett or whatever you spell that shit like... to get me some necessary BLU spells... Actinic Burst and Reactor Cool, got lucky and got them 1/1, both, and no AF gloves, because they are broken.

Right after, I was called up to a LS BBQ in Ifrit's Cauldron, got a couple of people pimped out with BQ rings, Ashknight almost reaching 2k hp, can't wait to see that brick wall become diamond! Here's a cool shot of Ifrit's:

After BQ, everyone was tired... and tonight is ballista night so I finally went to go kill some people.... and again, a huge freaking match...

Awesome 60 cap match... ended up 3rd place in the zone and won a new spiffy title :D, still new at ranking but I will get better soon enough.. I'm really tired though so I'm gonna type up some stuff, kill up some more people and go to sleep...

K here it goes:

A small rant.. I guess..

Well what can I say.. lately this game has been worrying me, in a sense of.... I dunno what the hell is going to happen with me and with some of my friends? I like this game a lot.... but I just don't feel the same way I used to feel when I used to play... Sometimes I feel leaning on the items... and I think it's because my best friends are always doing so... And as much as I want to avoid that, I get sucked up into it... I just wish we could be first friends and then items... I don't know... guess lately I've been feeling rather lonely in the game... It's like I get online and there's nothing to do but help people get stuff... but what do I get...? I mean I'm not even asking for items... I'm just asking for a bit of friendship.. a bit of time to spend with people, I don't know.

I wish everybody would stop fighting... and everybody stop being so dishonest and not keep promises made... Also people that keep ranting about stuff you don't want to hear... but for their sake you never tell them to shut up... I love listening to my friends... but perhaps it is because I know I listen... but I don't feel that I am heard when I speak... and I always feel like I am the person they take to pick on all the time... I know I made a whole new persona in game to either cheer everyone up, or make them think I am someone else... I just don't like to see anyone down ya? I wish I could... just be myself...

Anyways that's all I had to say... hope you enjoyed this to-die-for-huge post.... I'm off to sleep... or something... bye bye! <3


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February 21st, 2007 (06:25 am)
pissed off

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So yeah... like I said in my previous post, Semitry would make my dreams faint away, and it happened. I respect him as a crafter, and as a player, but as a person, I don't even know how to describe what he can be called as a person... He obviously is rich, but can't get enough, so the next mission is to overthrow others that compete in his way regardless on how much loss is taken to do so. Look Semitry.... I have known you have mastered every craft possible, and that is something actually impressive if you ask me, but what's the necessity of ruining what could be good for others, just for your own giggles? I'd understand if anyone has done something to you but... what the hell did I do to make you HQ a VC and undercut it, and sit RIGHT NEXT to my character while I bazaared overnight? I'm sorry but... you just won a pass directly to my shitlist. Now I really understand what other people tell me about you :/ *sigh*...

Anyways Last night went.... I don't know.... I probably spent most time sleeping. Other than that I came online in FFXI after the horrible 10 hour maintenance and got myself ready to head to sky, apparently Faust was up and running, so we wanted to get it for Sunday's god run.

This remind me of those crazy Star Wars films... well people died left and right. We basically arrived, ready to pull, and more people started to show up. I proceeded to Gravity pull the NM, but I got an ad, and we're fairly new in sky, not me but, other members, so they had no idea what to do, but it's ok, they'll learn. Anyways I died, and Gumdrops took the claim. They had a ninja for tank and abut 7 more people...  Their ninja died, and so did half the other people, now, I understand we shouldn't have pulled until all of them were dead, but we did since their tank was dead... and basically no tank = no deal. We start taking care of Faust and everything is going fairly smooth, but, our PLD Ashknight forgets /blockaid and Nam heals him once or twice... that will automatically put him in the hate list of the NM, just like a true champion he is, he tells Edc to do the same, and after Ashknight switches to blockaid, they run to their party and start spamming mazurkas to get hate, which causes the NM to go berserk on us and wipe us. It resulted in a wipe for the two groups, a third group came and killed it, now what's the point of an MPK when you can't do anything about it after the wipe is done... Nam and Edc will always be the same... some things never change, that was extremely cool to them I guess. And you see....

After that, 10 min later she sent me a /tell telling me they were under investigation after receiving about 6 more calls concerning the MPK issue, but I know nothing happened, GMs are worthless. And they can't type worth shit!

So it was very late at night and from far away I can't see well at all without a good pair of glasses.... you cannot tell me at this view, it doesn't look like Ullikumi -_-;

I started spamming in mistake... the LS slapped me around some I guess -_-, but since the damn statue pissed me off and make me spit my chocolate milk all over my desk, I came up for a little revenge.. Well I actually just wanted to see how good my new gear would be to solo these wussy statues.

So yeah it turned out to be pretty good after all, barely any resist and pretty fast kill, I was satisfied, and so was my seal stack. Spent around 5 hours total on Ulli and it never popped, so I went to sleep.

I'll update some more later today... I need to blow off some steam right now.. see ya

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News news news

February 20th, 2007 (10:06 am)

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SEA!!!!! One of the coolest places in the game.. I dunno why some people hate it so much, perhaps because it's the biggest bitch to get to, but it's so worth the trouble o_0.. I love this place... Anyways we gather up again for our Limbus runs at sea, this time we decide to take it further, moving along Apollyon NE....

We didn't have nukers, we were pure melee power. It went pretty well, cept we wiped right at the beginning, we had no idea what to do, but we recovered and moved across the floors like the wind. I got a brown skin for my BRD AF+1 completing the set for my first BRD AF+1 piece, and man, I'm excited about it :P. Getting the legs, which means it's time to get rid of those Sheik Seraweels that make me company for so long. Back to the subject, we went thru the floorts until we went to the opoopo/gigas floor, theres a silly gigas that needs to be killed.. and is only going to take magic damage.... :< not fair... we have no nukers remember? Well I've never been a fan of BLU as a nuker... but hell I'd say give it a try... and found out amazing things..... :D

It tore me up after that.... and well, we kept going at it for 15 min with DoTs, we weren't ready for something like this.. I mean we had no nuke power... ok we did have 1 blm but that was not enough -_-;... We would of done much better though, perhaps 10-12 more coins, if we didn't wipe at the beginning, I have faith in my team thou, I know next time we're gonna win. The most hysterical thing happened 10 minutes later....

Gotta love them DoTs.... lol with only 40 seconds left we beat it... but yeah, wasn't enough. we proved ourselves worthy of trying again.. so we'll go for the win soon.

Anyways, it was time for some dynamis, so after a few shouts we gathered together at Jugner... it was a rather unfair match.. since basically the team with most sleepgas almost always becomes victorious.... RDM/NIN sucks btw...  it was RDM (nin) BLU WHM SMN SAM THF vs BLU WHM RDM (blm) WAR WAR SAM, who wins.. isn't obvious =(... well they put up a good match, minus the target the BLU thingy which I always get in every round.... it's tough to kill a BLU though, so I'm happy with what I did..... ended up with 2 matches @ 4th place, both matches lost, but they were rather nice, 1k xp doesnt hurt at all either.

And my "Favorite"

Aight, listen up YAKA, just because you show up with full homam and HP+ gear doesn't mean that makes every BLU in stage a noob. This is why you run from me and everybody else when you're alone trying to score... we decided to 1 on 1, and it ended up 5 to 1 with me being victorious, you can homam that! I seriously dunno why you get so stressed out and decide to chase me and only me the last 30 minutes of the match, you just kept falling like coconuts from palm trees... I'll see you tonight again friend... :D Grats to Punkteta for totally handing my ass to me and to Variont for having a Kraken Club that does 3 dmg per hit, you guys rock my world.

Moving on... Full Moon lightsday 100%, was testing out a theory I was told to HQ.. RIP OFF!!! 0/12 on prism capes and 0/7 on Workers Tunica, which brings me down to a 200k bank... damn I'm broke, but I'll make it back somehow... I really wanted Trazz <3 to have a prism signed by me... I didn't realize she had a regular already... I would have traded her mine, but, yeah, I'm dumb. So I basically bought the already used cloths from her and pretended I failed the theory on my own. I really didn't want her to lose gil for nothing, it's alright though.. game money -_-, nothing big.

It's 4 am.... and Arte decides we should do Brenner 40 cap.. HELL YEAH!!!!!!

I gotta admit.. Arte, well, I underestimated her.... she kicks some major ass. She basically soloed the whole team on an underleveled ninja.... I was truly impressed :P, even if the teams were a bit drastically uneven, we gave up a good match, I really hope we can do this again, this is real fun xD.

After that I went to sleep... college called me a bti ago, been waiting for that call all morning, and well... decided to get my ass off FFXI and do something for myself for once, so yesterday I went to Wendy's and jokingly put an application o_0... I guess... and I got an interview in 6 hours, wild luck I guess.... some extra money can't hurt lol.. I'll see you all around, enjoy your maintenance :D.

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Woo..... another fun day

February 19th, 2007 (05:08 am)

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Started off the day spoiling myself with a Warlock's body +1... oh joy no more Errant Body... I hated that crap like nothing else in life... Limbus has always been no more than a far off dream to me, but I finally made it come true after joining my friends of KingdomofHeaven for it, thank you Zzang, Aphy, and everybody else for making all this possible, great time with you guys <3. Bragged for a while about my new AF body, but then got the call from my sky/social shell, MythrilHeart Led by Imoen, which so far has turned to be one of the greatest people I've been across with, not to mention most of my old UR buddies are still there, <3 u guys.

SKY!! What can I say, as expected we kicked it's ass..... even though, the breath of a new shell always brings negative and positive feelings towards different members... I'd like to see them all shut up and not say anything until seeing what people can actually do.. really, being negative is nothing more but a show of fear and immaturity.. if you have no Faith in those you are around with, then go on your own.. However, I wanna congratulate everyone who got abjs and in the sweet x3 Genbu x1 Seiryu ass kicking in our first sky run... next week, Byakko ^^.

Right after sky was done.... I saw some guy shout for help with Fenrir.. he said reward, I went regardless on the quantity... can never have enough money!

Shots at Full Moon Fountain, and entering it as well, it's an awesome place, I had forgotten how cool that place was.. haven't fought Fenrir in 2 years... perhaps because the terror of doing it with Rollchan has kept me inside a cage for ages.... but I decided to visit my friend Fenrir back... and he got some ass wooping.

Ok maybe not an ass wooping but we won... stfu! :P The deal was closed.... mission complete.....

Another 200k to get my old fortune back... it helped quite a lot, hopefully gil will keep coming my way :P... anyways.. other than that, I had forgotten Fenrir gave out rewards... lol silly me!!

A few days ago I broke the 1,000:1,000 ratio mp/hp on convert with my rdm, in all subs.... but a 1200 mp pool is still tempting... so I got this.. ^_____^, more trash to fill my mog house with.. weee.....

After all that Fenrir crap I went to visit my old friend from RDM AF Hat... he was fairly easy.. too bad it totally sucks to get there...

Sometimes I wonder about the people I help... I mean.. someone I didn't even know payed me 200k, I mean, to be honest I really feel bad, taking someone's money like that, I like to help for free but an offer is an offer... But then again... there's people who you help for free and sometimes even die for, and you don't even get a Thank You as a reward... and perhaps you do, but they'll ask you for more, no exceptions... It pains me to have a blist people for this reason, I try to be nice... but sometimes you gotta watch what you do, and not take favoritism over anyone... I mean, we're all supposed to be equal in everyones eyes... if we do different in public, bad words will spread... if you care, you know what I'm talking about... but I don't expect anything from you... so I'll let you be - -...

Can never have enough fun of getting charmed and beating the crap outta people.... Shouted for some PFC Lamia No. 13 fun, got all 3 tags done xD, it was easy.. real fun tho, BRD/WHM, RDM/BLM, adn PLD/RDM, we kicked it's ass, easy.

Well the day was obviously full of many events, I can't say I didn't enjoy it but I've been quite annoyed by certain people as well... Specially those who enjoy talking behind my friends... If you have a problem with someone, deal with it yourself, it's not something you gotta shout and tell everyone about, you'll just get shit on you, and no one else... at least that's how it goes for me. I know I'm venting like a stupid shit here but I've told you in game already... just quit trying to pretend being a hardass.. I mean cmon man I'm trying to be your friend, I hate having enemies by my side... but if you're just gonna trash talk people to have it your way, then I'll be glad to welcome you to thunder dome, bitch!

Anyways I'm gonna go sleep.. once again, tired - -...

PS. posting here is kinda addictive, someone slap me.

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Starting off

February 18th, 2007 (08:14 am)

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Well let's see... HI! my name is Katouu, I've been a player in Midgardsormr server in Final Fantasy XI for 3 years and a half... I'm a Blue Mage, Red Mage, and Bard, but theres a job that I enjoy doing the most, that is weaving, or "Clothcrafting". I'm not exactly sure why I decided to write about my days in the game in here.... but perhaps keeping my memories somewhere will help me not forget many important facts to keep playing the game the way I do... Oh well, it'll all be for the best!


I woke up late.... meh, 7 pm, been sleeping all day, I must say it kinda sucked because I missed most what I wanted to do :/... so I decide to go dynamis with my new Dyna-LS, Redeemer, it's our second run, and we decide to do Sandy... I dunno.... it doesn't seem like we have the right setup but... hell screw it I need 2 AF2 from there.... ironically I've been to over 80 runs with no luck on AF2s... I'm sick of it :P, but I'll be a little more patient, I'll have it someday. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

We wiped about 3 times.... we're fairly new... and certain people have been just doing the wrong moves.... wait, did I ever mention I did one of the wipes? :P, I'm sorry x_x it won't happen again... but seriously, if you delevel after dying once, you're a noob in my list... I mean cmon.... what's so hard about leveling up... or getting a damn buff... cmon people -_-; anyways... once we got up... we got charmed... and I found this pretty amusing:

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So yeah.. at the end it was pretty fun, we got out of there with a M. Silverpiece and no AF at all, lol, but rather nice run for such a new group. GG everyone. Right after Dynamis, I got called into helping some old buddies in Hakutaku, party lead by my long time friend Artemismu, so yeah I felt I needed to go help... Besides, Hakutaku had resister my power for a long time, I wanted to make it taste so Blue Mage blade.... and I certainly did...

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Oh man that was fun... well we had 10 hats, had to take turns with Turbulance so it took quite a bit... there were 2 hats left but my crafting day was about to pass away... so I blood warped and got level down... *cough at the comment up above* but it was so well worth it!

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1/1, signed ^.^ Everyday i make more and more discoveries about the code i've been trying to decipher to get more HQs... someday I'll finally figure something out... and I know... probably easy to HQ cause it's a tier 2 right? We'll see about that later :D.... Right after that I started off shouting to sell the RC... I really don't wanna put it up in AH because it has my sign in it... so I start offering it for 400k off the original price... VCs have been quite a profit so far but I heard Semitry found out about it so... the dreams are about to be over soon *sigh*... So now it's time to worry about getting my lv back... and a good buffer... so I kidnap Arte for a while for some BLU RDM duo exp party... ^_^, 9k xp an hour wasnt half bad. Got a good buffer I'm planning to keep for at least a couple of days lol.

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 got my lv back.. it's like 8 am now tho so I'm off too bed... I'll type some more tomorrow I guess.... xD

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